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Personal: that man, sleepwalking, etc.

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this isn’t a video that should be online

Having the courage to leave the house without fear is something I hadn’t realised I’d missed.

Having the courage to leave the house without fear is something I hadn’t realised I’d missed.

Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been so long. Again.

Things have settled down a whole lot.

I’ve pretty much stopped sleepwalking. I’m still living on Tom’s floor. Still working away at my job, and at college.

Haven’t seen that man in a long time.

Things are pretty good.

So I’m gonna try to get this back on track as a photography blog.

I kinda neglected that because of all the dumb personal stuff that was going on. Thank you all for putting up with me on that.

Got a few photos queued. Will be updating infrequently, but will at least be updating.


Hey, guys.

Sorry it’s been quiet on here lately. Life has kind of gotten in the way. I’m pretty much living with Tom’s family now. My parents think I’ve got a girlfriend, and I’m moving out, and Tom’s family think my parents kicked me out. Lies are easier than explaining.

I’ve finally managed to get a job, and I’m working as many hours as I can to pay Tom’s mum rent.

I’ve been helping Tom catch up on all the work he missed because he was avoiding me, and trying to catch up on my own work. The course is brutal. I’ve been in the studio and the darkroom ‘til late every single night I don’t have work.

So, I’m sorry I’m neglecting you guys, but I literally haven’t had the time to spend on the internet.

As for the whole let’s-start-recording-ourselves-at-night plan, I managed to get cameras in Tom’s room (I’m sleeping on his floor, so that’s both of us covered), and in Sass’s room. I went to Fiona’s house and filled her in on things, but she doesn’t want me to monitor her at night. Which is fair. So I’ve left her with a camera and instructed her to film even the slightest weird noise and show me.

So far, I’ve not found anything weird, but I’ve really not had time to review all of the videos. I’m gonna need to buy a new hard drive to store them, ‘cause they’re clogging up Tom’s computer.

I don’t know what else to say. I just felt I owed you guys an update. I guess I’ll see you when things calm down, or if anything interesting/worrying happens.


This was pretty much the first time he’s spoken to me since the day after the last video. He kept skipping classes we shared.

I think he’s only talking to me now because I offered to help.